The Longest Day 10/06/2009

Today seemed like the longest day eveeeeeeeer. I had to be in work for 8am and omg by 11am i was ready for lunch and by 2pm I was ready for tea! It was so busy and I have come to the conclusion that Monday through Wednesday are quite hard. Thursday and Friday things begin to ease back a little.

Yesterday my boots arrived, so wonderful. It is so nice to have stylish knee boots and they do rock a Toast style which makes me terribly pleased! All of a sudden in England it is the fall so I know that any day know I am going to want to to start wearing my Reed Riding Hood coat. I am holding out though for Edinburgh. I tired it with my boots and it looks so smart ha ha in a guarding Buckingham Palace kind of way! ha ha . No not really.

I am starting to think about the sort of clothes I can wear in Edinburgh. Honestly in between my work tasks this is the kind of thing which occupies my mind( that and food too!). I am thinking boots leggins, bow sweater and RRH coat to travel up, blue washed jeans and a little smock top and ballet flats for the Saturday and leggins and a sweater and boots for the Sunday. Mundane I hear you scream but I am a geek and like to be sorted. 

Sooooooooo I leave you with some nice images - Lili Cole ( who I think is so cool) and SUPER EXCITEMENT the new series of Gossip Girl begins tomorrow! Sofa me big time.

Midweek tomorrow, deep breath to hold out until the weekend!



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