Happy Weekend 09/25/2009
So so looking forward to the weekend. I am so full of cold today and I am longing to be at home with something comforting bubbling away on the cooker whilst I lounge sipping on hot blackcurrent, watching Gossip Girl. I really like their preppy fashion during the autumn. This weekend I want to go to the outdoor store and look ( and maybe purchase) a pair. Heaven with ruby red wooly tights. I am still thinking about my sequin dress but sadly when I went to the store to look at it again it did not fit right and it was kinda felty?

Anyway................. enough of my sniffles. Happy Weekend to whoever stumles upon this. I leave you with a picture of the fantastic Grace Coddington in her days of being a model waaaaaaaay before she stole the show from Anna Wintor in The September Issue!



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