Post Title. 12/06/2009
I love this time of year. I love the colour of the ski
es in December and I love the light in the mornings and the twinkles of the lights in shop windows. Beauty 

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Post Title. 11/15/2009
So so long since I have written. Edinburgh was AMAZING. Life has been so busy and we are heading headfirst towards the holiday season, but alas I am sick so taking it easy and hopefully having a mcdonalds to cheer myself up a bit. Happy Sunday
The pictures from Tim Burton's  Alice in Wonderland have been on-line for a while however I am so excited by them I wanted to blog. They just look AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL.
The boy is watching The Dark Knight Batman film. Heath Ledger is so amazing as The Joker but it is really scaring me! I saw it at the pictures and it freaked me then. It is the white noise whenever the Joker appears. Anyway to abate this spooky feeling here is a picture of the lovely Maggie Ghyllenhall. I think I will go back to designing my holiday cards as a distraction from this film! I am such a woos! 
Today I was sent a sweet dvd of Sophie Dahl and Nigel Slater talking about life and food. I love Sophie, her food and her style and her writing. A good start to the week! 
Ahhhhhh Saturday morning, the best of the week! I love waking up slowly, pottering about in my pj's reading the paper, yum breakfast of croissants and jam followed by hot tea. Blissikins.

This week was long but not too and and now my thoughts are turning to thinking about s-l-o-w-l-y getting ideas for christmas- making cards and things like that. However this weekend is all about rest, cosiness at home, cooking-(pavlova with POMAGRANITE! Beef casserole and soup). 

Happy Weekend and here are some lovely images which i spied.
Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby
Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes - sweet
Kylie and Karl- sweetness!!!!
The Longest Day 10/06/2009

Today seemed like the longest day eveeeeeeeer. I had to be in work for 8am and omg by 11am i was ready for lunch and by 2pm I was ready for tea! It was so busy and I have come to the conclusion that Monday through Wednesday are quite hard. Thursday and Friday things begin to ease back a little.

Yesterday my boots arrived, so wonderful. It is so nice to have stylish knee boots and they do rock a Toast style which makes me terribly pleased! All of a sudden in England it is the fall so I know that any day know I am going to want to to start wearing my Reed Riding Hood coat. I am holding out though for Edinburgh. I tired it with my boots and it looks so smart ha ha in a guarding Buckingham Palace kind of way! ha ha . No not really.

I am starting to think about the sort of clothes I can wear in Edinburgh. Honestly in between my work tasks this is the kind of thing which occupies my mind( that and food too!). I am thinking boots leggins, bow sweater and RRH coat to travel up, blue washed jeans and a little smock top and ballet flats for the Saturday and leggins and a sweater and boots for the Sunday. Mundane I hear you scream but I am a geek and like to be sorted. 

Sooooooooo I leave you with some nice images - Lili Cole ( who I think is so cool) and SUPER EXCITEMENT the new series of Gossip Girl begins tomorrow! Sofa me big time.

Midweek tomorrow, deep breath to hold out until the weekend!

HAPPY FRIDAY 10/02/2009
This has been the longest week. I am not going to concentrate on the negative, but rather give a list for a Happy Weekend:

Bake some scones
Sweep the floor
Finish the felt elephant
Make witch cards
Cook some homemade food
hug the boy so much
hopefully new boots will arrive
Post Title. 09/29/2009
Tuesday today. Monday was totally horrendous and by the end of it I was blind with exhaustion.

So this week the excitment of going to Edinburgh is growing and growing. It is now only 3 weeks away.

Happy Weekend 09/25/2009
So so looking forward to the weekend. I am so full of cold today and I am longing to be at home with something comforting bubbling away on the cooker whilst I lounge sipping on hot blackcurrent, watching Gossip Girl. I really like their preppy fashion during the autumn. This weekend I want to go to the outdoor store and look ( and maybe purchase) a pair. Heaven with ruby red wooly tights. I am still thinking about my sequin dress but sadly when I went to the store to look at it again it did not fit right and it was kinda felty?

Anyway................. enough of my sniffles. Happy Weekend to whoever stumles upon this. I leave you with a picture of the fantastic Grace Coddington in her days of being a model waaaaaaaay before she stole the show from Anna Wintor in The September Issue!